Clear Float Glass

Float Glass
As a leader of the Glass Field,Our products all comply with standard such as China GB11614 ,Europ EN572 and Russia GOST111-2003,etc.

HEXAD Reflective Glass, also named HEXAD On-line Hard-coated Float Glass, is reflective solar control glass manufactured by the "pyrolytic coating process" which basically means that when manufacturing float glass metal oxides are applied to the surface of glass at about 1200℃ by pyrolytic deposition.

The coating provides a mirror effect to the glass surface and can be applied to clear and tinted float glass. The hard coat is chemically and mechanically durable, which provides resistance to scratches and damages over time.

In addition to its durable life, HEXAD reflective glass can be post heat-treated for strengthening, tempering and bending purposes and easily cut, insulated or laminated.


1. Effective solar control by blocking far infrared radiation for saving cooling costs in

   summer and heating expenses in winter.

2. Avoid light pollution and build comfortable ecological environment.

3. Chemical and mechanical durability provides resistance to scratches and damages

   over time. 

4. Easy to be tempered, bent, cut, insulated or laminated.


1. Architectural Facades

2. Laminated Safety Glass

3. Residential Insulating Glass Units


Comply with China GB11614, Europ EN572 and Russia GOST111-2003.
Experienced for more than 20 years on manufacture and trade.

Specification and Capacity

Color: French Green (also called Light Green), Dark Green, Euro Bronze, Golden Bronze (also called Dark Bronze, Deep Bronze or Red Bronze), Euro Grey (also called Light Grey), Hexad Grey, Dark Grey, Ocean Blue, Light Blue (also called Ford Blue or Lake Blue), Dark Blue, Pink, Silver and so on.

Thickness: 3mm - 12mm

Size: 1830x1220mm, 2134x1524mm, , 2440x1830mm, 3050x2134mm, 3300x2134mm, 3660x2134mm, 3300x2250mm or produce according to customer's requirement.

Capacity: 30 x 20'FCL / Day / Line