Clear Float Glass

Float Glass
As a leader of the Glass Field,Our products all comply with standard such as China GB11614 ,Europ EN572 and Russia GOST111-2003,etc.

Ultra Clear Float Glass, also called Low Iron Float Glass, Super Clear Float Glass, Extra Clear Float Glass or High Transmittance Float Glass, is a kind of transparent float glass which is manufactured via high-tech method by removing a large proportion of the glass iron content. The green tinge which usually associates with ordinary clear float glass (particularly noticeable on the edges) is removed. Therefore, it shows a magnificent appearance as crystal. And it can be curved, drillholed, edged, tempered, hot bending, and also can be carried on coating, glazing and doping in the surface to other special products.

Ultra-Clear Float Glass has infinite application value and prospect in many areas such as construction decoration, industry manufacture, artware creation and so on. We can frequently see Ultra-Clear Float Glass to send out its unique charm in those, for example, building curtain wall, building decorate, display window, glass show counter in quality market, exhibition hall, museum, aquarium, art gallery and modern art work. But it has more usual value in the industry manufacture area, such as solar energy part, IT product, household appliance, modern furniture and instrument and so on.


1. Avoids the "greening" inherent in ordinary clear float glass.

2. Provides high transmittance and displays true color.

3. Eliminates color distortion apparent in ordinary clear float glass.

4. Enhanced external viewing of architectures. 

5. Easy to be tempered, bent, cut, insulated or laminated.


1. Architectural Curtain Wall and Decoration.

2. Display Window and Show Counter.

3. Modern Art Work, Furnitures and Instruments.

4. Solar Energy Industries.

5. IT Industries,etc.

Comply with China GB11614, Europ EN572 and Russia GOST111-2003.
Experienced for more than 20 years on manufacture and trade.

Sepecification and Capacity

Thickness: 3mm - 25mm

Size: 1830x1220mm, 2134x1524mm, , 2440x1830mm, 3050x2134mm, 3300x2134mm, 3660x2134mm, 3300x2250mm or produce according to customer's requirement.

Capacity: 30 x 20'FCL / Day / Line